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I will start writing from the beginning for those who now want to start to migrate in ASP.net and C# and also to start as a programmer.
In this post i will write about setting the asp development environment.
Primarily, We will need two things though we can install some other optional>>
1) As asp is a server side language we will need a local server. Like as we use APACHE for PHP.
So, We have to install IIS (Internet Information Service). To install IIS we will need Windows CD.
And Do the following steps:
Go to Control Panel>>AddRemoveComponent>>Install/Remove Windows Component
Now Select IIS in the list of CheckBox and Click OK.
2) Once we have IIS installed we can now go for a IDE. Microsoft suggest for Visual Studio for ASP development.
There is various distribution of VS. like: VS Team System 2008, VS 2008, VS2005, Or VS Express web development.
you can buy any CD of them and get Installed. Though i will suggest you to install any distribution of VS 2008 as it is the most upgraded version and also by default you can get feature of .NET 3.5 platform like AJAX support, automatic web.config edition. We will discuss about .NET Platform and others in subsequent posts.
3) Installing VS 2008 will automatically insall MS Server 2005 Express Edition (Database Server) and by this you can make DB and Query as we did in oracle by writing SQL. However if you want to do things in Graphical manner (like we do in MYSQL) you have to get another tool named "Management Studio 2005 express Editon". You can download it form Microsoft SQL Server site.
4) From VS 2008/2005 CD you will get MSDN(Developer Network: Documentation of ASP/C# and other .NET language). I will suggest you to get MSDN install for you first-hand helping tool.
This steps will make our Development environment ready for ASP.net Development.
Please let me know if you need any other information regarding this post.