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To make a button default button we can use the following C# code.

Page.Form.DefaultFocus = txtCprNumber.ClientID;//Setting default focus element
Page.Form.DefaultButton = btnSearch.UniqueID;// Setting default button


But let’s think that we have a logout button on top of the page in control and placed on top of every page.

So what happening:

1) For the browser’s default behavior the "logout" button are getting default focus.

2) When user pressing enter to a textField the logout button is getting clicked because of the default browser behavior and actually the user is unaware of that.

Lets try some solution:

1) The solution would be for every page make a button of that page as default button. But that very costly.

2) Making sure the "Logout" button is not in focus, hmm an centralized solution.

But, to move a focus you have to find next focus element. But I may not know what are the underlying element in a page. If such a javascript solution would be good for it.


BUT, I found a straight forward solution by just adding an ASP button property. i.e. UseSubmitBehavior and set it to true.


Now the logout button is no longer in the foucs.


 <asp:Button ID="btnLogout" runat="server" Text="Logout" CssClass="logoutButton"
                OnClick="btnLogout_Click"  UseSubmitBehavior="false" />

OK. Its works for every browser!!!