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For fewdays I was playing with RavenDB, a document database developed in C# supporting Linq. So, as developed in .NET, you can use it as .NET managed code other than MongoDB APIs. 

To Install as service, Download Latest build of RavenDB, from here: RavenDB Download

Extract the file in a folder. Now Open the command prompt: RUN >> CMD.

1. GO to the your RavenDB Folder and go to Server Directory.

2. Type: Raven.Server.exe /install.

3. Now you should have RavenDB installed as service.

You can view the service in your service listing using: Run> Services.msc

To Uninstall: go to the Server diretory and type: Raven.Server.exe /uninstall.


In addition, RavenDB also provide a management console called STUDIO. As you installed, you can go to the console :RavenBD STUDIO

1. There you can generate sample data to play with the feature.