My Work

My Work Description:


  • Database to Ontlogy Conversion (DBtoOnto) API:

Developed a web based tool for database(MS-SQL) to ontology (owl) conversion. The tool also provide API and webservice interface for the conversion functionality.

Tools & Technology: VS 2010, .NET Framework 4.0, ASP.NET/ C#, MS SQL Server, XML, WebService, Linq2Sql, Protégé, DotNetRdf, OWL 2.0, RDF, JENA, Parallel Linq, Task Parallel Library.

  • Ontology Dirven Distributed Web Application for HealthCare Collaboration:

Developed proof of concept distributed web application using Ontologies driving and supporting a collaborative environment in HealthCare domain. The application support distributed SPARQL quries over distributed patient ontology reporisoty and shows collect results to user according to user authentication level. Tools & Technology: 4.0, SQL Server 2008, Webservice, C#.NET 4.0, RDF and Ontology, DotNetRdf, SPARQL, Ajax, Java Script.

  • Parallel NoSql Materialization of Ontology (NoSqlOntoMaterialization):

Developed a web based materialization of RDFS ontology in NoSql Database (MongoDB). The conversion also leverage many core based parallel programming to provide better speed up. The speedup is also maximized by the use of NoSql based database  over RDBMS based materialization.

Tools & Technology: VS 2010, .NET Framework 4.0, ASP.NET/ C#, MongoDB, Linq, Parallel Linq, WebService, DotNetRdf, Protégé, RDF, Ontology.

  • Cloud Single-Sign-On (CSSO):

Developed a proof of the concept application for cloud single-sign-on. The application provide single-sign-on capability for users across cloud over multiple application and domains.

Tools & Technology: VS 2010, .NET Framework 4.0, ASP.NET/ C#, MS-SQL Server, Linq2Sql, WebService, XML, Java Script, AJAX.

  • LeadsCapevo QA Handbook:

Designed and written LeadsCapevo QA Handbook that defined the QA process structure and definition for the LeadsCapevo development task. The LeadsCapevo QA processes define and describe how and in what sequence processes should be performed by a resource.

  • Application Development with MongoDB and C#:

MongoDB is a non-relational database provider and incases it can speed-up application 10 times faster than traditional relational databases (MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL etc.). I am developing an application which will use MongoDB and database provider and MongoDB C# driver for frontend processing. Knowledge gathered can be used for performance improvements of application expected improved and faster performance and real-time transactions like Daily Bank processing etc.



Customs Internet Gateway enables customs brokers, importers, and carriers to securely exchange and manage Customs EDI data via the web, directly with CBSA (Canada Border Services Agency).

Tools & Technology: VS 2013,, WPF, Telerik WPF Controls, Entity Framework, LINQ, Web Service, MS SQL Server 2012, Linq2Entites etc.

Roles & Responsibility: Lead Developer. Requirement Analysis, Design and Development of the application.


KwiKBio intend to help scientists, doctors, students and citizen researchers find cures for disease, collaborate much, much faster.

Tools & Technology: VS 2013,, .Net 4.5, AJAX, LINQ, Web Service, WEB APIs, MS SQL Server 2012, IIS 7.5, Java Script, JQuery, AJAX, CSS, XML, RDF, OWL, DotNetRdf, Knowledge Explorer, SPARQL, Sematic Reasoning etc.

Roles & Responsibility: Lead Developer. Research, Analysis, Design and Development of the distributed kwikBio Web application, Code and Service management.

A business continuity tool. RADAR is the first “Business Analysis Engine” that is designed to provide the client with a full dashboard into their evolving Business Continuity Plan.

Tools & Technology: VS 2012,, .Net 4.5, MS SQL Server 2012, IIS 7.5, Java Script, JQuery, CSS, XML etc.

Roles & Responsibility: Working as sole part-time Frontend, Backend and SQL Server Developer and Managing Code Repository.

A content management system for daily newspaper publication and news management.

Tools & Technology: VS 2010, .NET Framework 4.0, ASP.NET/ C#, MS SQL Server, IIS 7.0, JavaScript,  XML, CSS, WebService, Ajax, Telerik Control Suit, RadEditor etc.

Roles & Responsibility: Architecture Design, CMS Development, Frontend Development Lead, Development of Single-Sign-On, News Post, News Publication, Management, User Management, News Web Edit, Security, Showing parsed news from external links, Testing, Deployment and Management

  • SMDB (Database for Drug Addict in Denmark):                                                                                                       (Group Work)

A Solution for ‘The Social Ministry of Denmark’ to keep track information and of the health service providing drug addicted, reporting, and providing interface for third-party data consumers.

Tools & Technology: VS 2010, .NET Framework 4.0, ASP.NET/ C#, MS SQL Server, JavaScript, XSLT, XML, CSS, WebService, XForm etc.)

Roles & Responsibility: Development of Single-Sign-On and Security module interface accessible by third-party, UI Prototype, UI Design, , User Administration, Session Management across applications, Showing parsed news from external links, User Simulation, Public Web Services,   XSLT creation etc.

  • XForm Tool Development and Maintenance :

XForm is a prize winning tool, a complete platform for digital forms with customized workflow. In XForm consumers can design, configure and integrate intelligent e-forms for any website. As a supplement to the basic functionality additional support include modules such as Workflow, Payment, Survey and Statistics and SharePoint. The user-friendly, browser-based forms are platform independent and support market-leading standards for accessibility, data exchange and security. XForm is platform independent both in terms of presentation and integration into an existing website and data integration with other systems, databases and Web services.  For more information please visit:

Tools & Technology: VS 2010, .NET Framework 2.0-4.0, ASP.NET/ C#, MS SQL Server, JavaScript, and AJAX, XSLT, XML, CSS, WebService, Classic ASP etc.)

Roles & Responsibility: Continuous development new modules, integration interfaces & functionalities, Testing, Bug Fixing and Documentation (HLD, LLD, Error Correction Documents, Test cases & Technical Delivery Report writing ) etc.

  • AR1 XForm Form Solution:

An XForm forms solution for ‘The Danish Ministry for Refugee, Immigration and Integration Affairs’ to provide online application processing for Danish residence and work permit for employees, self-employed persons, or jobseekers. The solution can be found in:

Tools & Technology: VS 2008, XForm, ASP.NET/ C#, Linq, JavaScript, XSLT, XML, CSS, WebService etc.)

Roles & Responsibility: Development of extension of XForm AttributeChange WebService, Adding Custom Settings form webService to Progress Indicator XML, XSLT development, Documentation etc.

  • XForm OIO Broker: (Group Work)

OIO Broker is a module of XForm to manage user defined variable names, ids for new and previously designed forms in XForm. The module facilitate full-text search by label text, keyword, name, creator name, creation and modification date etc.

Tools & Technology: (VS 2008, .NET Framework 2.0, ASP.NET/ C#, MS SQL Server 2005, JavaScript, and AJAX

Roles & Responsibility: Developing Full-text search function(C#, SQL Server), Testing.

  • Customizable Progress Indicator and Info Panel for XForm: (Group Work)

Creates XML in runtime depending on the XForm form, session, system information, user information and create user control converting XML using XSLT. Also places user control in the Form using different positioning scheme. Also provide functionality like print, export, save etc.

Tools & Technology: VS 2008, .Net 3.5,, ASP, Linq to XML, XSLT, Web Service, MSSQL Server, JavaScript

Roles & Responsibility: Lead Developer & Developing Progress Indicator and Info panel functionality and positioning them in the form, Xml creation, XSLT creation, Conversion of Xml using XSLT, Generating preview, High level design, Low level Design.

  • Show Submitted Form: (Group Work)

The project collects information from XForm via web service and let the user view specific submitted forms, value of form fields, upload XSLT and view converted HTML using XSLT.

Tools & Technology: VS 2008, .NET Framework 2.0 , ASP .NET/C#, MS SQL Server 2005, JavaScript, AJAX, XSLT, Tortoise Subversion

Roles & Responsibility: Developing XSLT and show comparison among submitted forms field values, Full-text Search Function.

  • From Access Panel:                                                 (Group Work)

Form Access Panel is an external module for XFORM. The module show forms with different category and subcategories and let the user open the forms. Also user can search for forms with given title and alias.

Tools & Technology: VS 2008, .NET Framework 2.0, ASP .NET/C#, MS SQL Server 2005, JavaScript, AJAX, and Tortoise Subversion.

Roles & Responsibility: Developing Full text Search Function(C#, LINQ, JavaScript functions, testing, MS SQL Server 2005).

  • LeadsCapevoPMS Web and Mobile Client: (Group Work)

LeadsCapevoPMS is the project management software for LeadsCapevo. Its keeps track of project, task and resource work registration.

Tools & Technology: VS 2008, .NET Framework 2.0 ASP .NET/C#, MS SQL Server 2005, JavaScript, AJAX, LINQ, Tortoise Subversion

Roles & Responsibility: Developing Data access layers with LINQ, UI Design and Functionality etc.

  • LeadsCapevo Team Collaboration SharePoint Project Site Template:

Defined LeadsCapevo’s policy of using MS SharePoint and customized SharePoint portal and developed LeadsCapevo Team Project site template. Each project in LeadsCapevo have a SharePoint site which contains and circulate all project documents and team information throughout the team as well as organization.

  • SharePower: Facebook Application:

Developed a Facebook application that enables user to upload and download files. The user can select friends from his friends list who can download uploaded files (VS 2008, ASP .NET/C#, LINQ, MS SQL Server 2005, Facebook Development toolkit for .net


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